Check out the food vendors you will have a chance to enjoy
(and VOTE for!) at Motown Fry Fest!

(V)- Vegetarian 
(V)*- Vegetarian Option

Hefty Gyros
Lamb/Beef, marinated grilled chicken, house-made tzatziki sauce, BBQ sauce, Sriracha, Feta cheese, pepperoncinis, and cajun seasoned crinkle fry

Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen
Choice of Slow Roasted BBQ Pulled Pork or Korean Shredded Beef Tri-Tip,  house-made cheese sauce, chopped bacon, Drewski's House Sauce, tangy BBQ Sauce, shredded cheese, jalapeno, and green onions

Applewood bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, house-made chipotle mayo, and roasted Anaheim peppers

World Fare
Parmesan cheese, aged sharp cheddar cheese, minced garlic, fresh Italian parsley, green onions, and shoestring potatoes (V)

On the Fry
Fried Chicken Strips, Applewood smoked bacon, melted Cheddar Jack cheese, ranch dressing, and green onions

Krepe Dog
Carne Asada, nacho cheese, flamin' hot Cheetos and house-made sauce 

Turnt Up Tacos & Tortas
Seasoned Angus Steak, house-made cilantro cream, Jack cheese, salsa roja, red and green cabbage, Cotija cheese, cilantro, and green onions

Rolling Raja
Tikka Masala and chickpea battered garlic fries

Salo's Kitchen
Cheddar cheese, jack cheese, garlic sauce, chipotle aioli and pico de gallo (V)

Gyro Stop
Choice of Lamb/Beef Gyro meat, Chicken Shawarma, or vegetarian style with Falafels & Dolmas, Tahini, grilled onions, peppers, house-made Tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, grilled mushrooms and Feta cheese (V)*

Bayou Restaurant
Cajun Lobster, bell pepper corn relish and cajun cream sauce

Buckhorn Grill
Smokey garlic pulled pork, granny apple coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and sweet potato fries

Green's Catering
Bacon, dried apricots, jalapeno, and cream cheese

Dewz Restaurant
Korean BBQ pork belly, togarashi salt, sour cream, scallions, pickled carrot-jalapeno relish, and gochujang aioli